One Couple, Two Divorce Financial Professionals

Fighting In Court is Not Your Only Option

The process of untying the knot is one of give and take, if you can work it out amicably it is less stressful for your family.  We are very excited to offer a new service, a collaboration, that will allow us to help couples who want to explore financial scenarios for settlement, together.  Some of the areas we can work on as a group include:

  • New Budgets
  • Retirement Plan division alternatives
  • Pension valuation
  • Evaluate Appropriate Mix of Assets
  • Keep vs. Sell the Marital home
  • Creative settlement solutions

Once we have worked up the best scenario to consider you can decide which one make the most sense for you and your family, and can take it to your attorneys for the next steps in the process.


Jessica M Garcia MBA, CDFA, CDC

Jessica realized that there is opportunity to reduce the negative impact of divorce on families by offering an option for couples to work out the financial details together.  By partnering with George, she believes that clients can save money, save time, and begin the healing and rebuilding process sooner.   


George Harvey MBA, CDFA

George believes that every client deserves to be treated with integrity and fairness. By understanding their financial situation, and educating clients on their options to reach their goals, George offers clarity and direction to the financial aspect of the divorce.

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