CDFA®️ Certified Divorce Financial Analyst

You have built a nice marital estate together and are now having to figure out the best way to divide it.   Serving clients in North Carolina and beyond, we are well versed in the complexities that sorting through the finances of divorce can bring,  As a CDFA, Jessica M Garcia is a financial professional trained in the different components of divorce finances and uses her education, training, and experience to help divorcing individuals split assets fairly and establish a financial plan for the future.  Although your family law attorney may have some knowledge of personal finances, many do not have a financial background; this is where we can help.

Already trained as accountants, investment advisors, or financial advisors, CDFA’s receive specialized training to help divorce clients gather necessary financial information and develop financial projections based on different scenarios.  

We help clients determine the short-term and long-term financial impact of any proposed divorce settlement.  

Our services are tailored to your needs and may include the following:

  • Pre & Post Divorce Planning
  • Budget & Lifestyle Analysis
  • Spousal Support Calculations & Analysis
  • Prepare Financial Affidavit
  • Prepare Marital Financial Asset Inventory
  • Retirement Plan division alternatives
  • Pension valuation
  • Evaluate Appropriate Mix of Assets
  • Keep vs. Sell the marital home
  • Creative settlement solutions
  • Property tracing to determine separate/marital property
  • Financial Life Analysis & Cash Flow Projections
  • Prepare for Mediation & Mediation Support
  • Assess Settlement Proposals and counter-proposals


Untangling of financial matters during divorce can be complex, and the decisions made during this time can be impactful for many years to come.  We are experienced in working with clients and their legal counsel to organize, assess, and determine the options to consider.

If you have not yet selected an attorney, we will work with you to prepare for the first meeting.  This will allow you to save time & money as you are more efficient with the use of their time and expertise.