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Jessica Garcia

Lost your peace of mind? 

Sometimes you choose change and sometimes change chooses you. Decision making and thinking of the future state may become challenging and seem overwhelming during this time. You are not sure what to do next, you just want to have peace of mind.  This is why we do what we do at BrainstormingWomen, to be a thinking partner,  to  help  you move from point A to point B.   You  don’t have  to  go  on  this  journey  alone.

Our work together will include:



We will discuss your priorities & goals.  Our conversation will include possible next steps, resources, and things to consider.  

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Divorce is one of the biggest financial decisions you will ever make.  Finances are usually a key component of divorce, we help you explore scenarios to consider in your negotiations.

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An objective thinking partner with a fresh perspective. We bring about new ideas, renewed clarity of thought, and a sense of confidence to navigate the process with your best self.  

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